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Sunday, July 18, 2021

[Exclusive] Massachusetts Up And Coming Rising Artist Brax B Taps Ratxhet To Release Hit Single "Head Buss"

Who Is Mass Brax B 24 year old Lowell, Massachusetts artist. BRAX B collaborated with one of Orlando,
Florida's hottest artist (Ratxhet) @therealratxhet on Instagram to come up wit the hit single "Head Buss".
Which could be found and streamed on all platforms Brax B described the song in one sentence, he said
"Dont let ya mouth write a check your body can't cash".

Brax B was born and raised in the small city Lowell, Massachusetts And is the middle child of a family of
6 children. Brax B turned to music at a young age as a mental get away from the life of poverty jumping
from shelter to shelter. With his family he then took his life into his own hands and started hustling to
make some money. Which later then led to him being affiliated and then becoming a member of the
Bloods. But even through all that he knew that music was his first love and was constantly
recording using new sounds and styles.

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