Big Sean Claps Back with New Single "Yes" from Upcoming Album Better Me Than You

Big Sean is making waves with his latest single, "Yes," the second offering from his newly announced album Better Me Than You, set to drop on August 9. Over a bouncy instrumental, the Detroit lyricist takes aim at his haters and naysayers with aggressive and braggadocious bars. Addressing the Critics In "Yes," Big Sean delivers a powerful response to those who have doubted or criticized him. His lyrics are sharp and assertive, reflecting his determination to rise above negativity and prove his worth. The track is a bold declaration of his confidence and resilience, showcasing his ability to confront his critics head-on. Bouncy Instrumental The production on "Yes," with its lively and infectious beat, perfectly complements Big Sean's energetic delivery. The bouncy instrumental creates a dynamic backdrop for his aggressive verses, enhancing the overall impact of the song. This combination of compelling production and confident lyrics makes "Yes" a standout track. Anticipation for Better Me Than You With Better Me Than You scheduled for release on August 9, "Yes" offers a glimpse into the themes and style of Big Sean's upcoming album. Fans can look forward to more of his signature braggadocio and lyrical prowess as he prepares to drop the full project. Stream "Yes" Now "Yes" is available on all major streaming platforms. As Big Sean gears up for the release of Better Me Than You, this single provides an exciting preview of what's to come. Don't miss out on this latest offering—stream the track and get ready for the album drop.

Benny The Butcher Makes a Fiery Return with New Single "Summer ’24"

After a brief hiatus, Benny The Butcher is back with a vengeance on his new single, "Summer ’24." Clocking in at just under two minutes, the track sees the Black Soprano Family head honcho delivering a fiery verse packed with bravado and grit. A Brief Yet Impactful Comeback "Summer ’24" marks Benny The Butcher's return to the spotlight, and he wastes no time making an impact. Despite its short runtime, the single is a testament to his skill and presence in the rap game. His commanding delivery and sharp lyrics ensure that every second of the track is packed with intensity. Bravado and Grit On "Summer ’24," Benny The Butcher brings his signature blend of bravado and street wisdom. His verses are filled with raw, unfiltered energy, showcasing his ability to captivate listeners with his distinctive style. The track’s gritty edge reflects his experience and dedication, making it a standout release in his discography. Stream "Summer ’24" Now "Summer ’24" is available on all major streaming platforms. As Benny The Butcher reestablishes his presence with this powerful single, fans and new listeners alike can appreciate the depth and authenticity he brings to his music. Don’t miss out on this explosive return—stream the track and get a taste of what's next for Benny The Butcher.

Logic Drops New Single "Mission Control" Ahead of Ultra 85 Release

As the release of Logic's highly anticipated album Ultra 85 approaches, the rapper has unveiled the project's latest single, "Mission Control." Anchored by a flip of Gucci Mane’s iconic "Lemonade" instrumental, produced by T Man The Wizard, the track showcases Logic’s lyrical prowess and competitive spirit. A Fresh Take on a Classic "Mission Control" breathes new life into Gucci Mane’s classic beat, thanks to T Man The Wizard’s innovative production. The updated instrumental provides a fresh backdrop for Logic’s bars, allowing him to flex his lyrical muscle and deliver a standout performance. Flexing Lyrical Muscle On "Mission Control," Logic dives deep into his competitive side, using his sharp wordplay and intricate rhymes to assert his dominance in the rap game. The track highlights his ability to blend introspective lyrics with a commanding flow, making it a strong addition to the upcoming album. Building Anticipation for Ultra 85 With Ultra 85 set to drop soon, "Mission Control" serves as a tantalizing preview of what’s to come. Logic's consistent ability to push boundaries and evolve as an artist is evident in this single, leaving fans eagerly awaiting the full project. Stream "Mission Control" Now "Mission Control" is available on all major streaming platforms. As we count down the days to Ultra 85, this single offers a glimpse into the high-caliber music fans can expect from Logic’s forthcoming album. Don’t miss out—stream the track and get ready for the full release.

Lil Yachty and Concrete Boys Take Over in "Let’s Get On Dey Ass" Video

Lil Yachty and his Concrete Boys are back with a bang in the video for his latest single, "Let’s Get On Dey Ass." Directed by Zhamak Fullad, the striking visual showcases Lil Boat and his crew as they turn up and unleash a wave of boastful rhymes. Commanding Presence "Let’s Get On Dey Ass" is a high-energy track that sees Lil Yachty in top form, delivering confident and braggadocious bars. The song highlights his signature playful flow and charismatic style, making it an instant hit among fans. Concrete Boys Unite In this track, Lil Yachty is joined by his Concrete Boys, a crew known for their tight-knit camaraderie and shared love for music. Their synergy is palpable throughout the song, adding an extra layer of intensity and excitement to the performance. Together, they take over the scene, showcasing their collective talent and unbreakable bond. Visually Striking The music video, directed by Zhamak Fullad, is a visual feast. It trails Lil Yachty and his crew as they turn up in various dynamic settings. The vibrant cinematography and creative direction perfectly capture the energy and swagger of the track. Each scene is meticulously crafted to highlight the bold and unapologetic nature of the song. Boastful Rhymes Lil Yachty's lyrics in "Let’s Get On Dey Ass" are filled with confidence and bravado. He effortlessly delivers lines that celebrate his success and assert his dominance in the rap game. His playful yet powerful delivery ensures that each verse hits hard, keeping listeners engaged from start to finish. Stream "Let’s Get On Dey Ass" Now "Let’s Get On Dey Ass" by Lil Yachty and his Concrete Boys is available on all major streaming platforms. With its infectious energy and striking visuals, this track is a must-watch and listen for fans. Be sure to check out the video and experience the takeover for yourself.

Rob49 and Cardi B Team Up for New Single "On Dat Money"

Rob49 is back and all about the paper with his new single, "On Dat Money," featuring the ever-fiery Cardi B. The New Orleans rapper and the Bronx bomber join forces to deliver a track that exudes confidence and showcases their affinity for the hustle. A Celebration of Success "On Dat Money" is an anthem for anyone who appreciates the grind and celebrates the rewards of hard work. Rob49 and Cardi B effortlessly flaunt their success, making it clear that they are focused on securing the bag and living life to the fullest. High-Energy Collaboration The collaboration between Rob49 and Cardi B brings a unique blend of Southern and East Coast vibes. Rob49's distinct New Orleans flow meshes seamlessly with Cardi B's bold and charismatic delivery. Their chemistry is undeniable, making "On Dat Money" a standout track that commands attention. Flashy Visuals The accompanying music video for "On Dat Money," directed with flair and precision, features Rob49 and Cardi B stunting with an abundance of cash. The visuals are flashy and energetic, perfectly complementing the song's theme of financial success and high-end living. The duo's stylish performances and confident demeanor make the video a visual treat. Stream "On Dat Money" Now "On Dat Money" by Rob49 featuring Cardi B is available on all major streaming platforms. With its infectious energy and captivating visuals, this track is set to become a favorite among fans of both artists. Don't miss out on this electrifying collaboration that celebrates the hustle and the rewards it brings.\

G Herbo Drops New Single "Shoot" Featuring Skilla Baby

G Herbo is back with a vengeance on his latest single, "Shoot," featuring Skilla Baby. Directed by The Creative Cartel, the music video captures the Mid-West duo as they unleash their cutthroat lyrics and take aim at their opps. Armed and Ready G Herbo's latest track, "Shoot," showcases his gritty and unapologetic style. Backed by Skilla Baby, the duo delivers hard-hitting bars that leave no room for hesitation. The song's aggressive tone is a testament to their readiness to defend their turf and reputation. Cutthroat Lyrics and Raw Energy "Shoot" is filled with raw energy and unfiltered aggression. G Herbo and Skilla Baby trade verses, each bringing their unique flair to the track. Their lyrics are sharp and direct, painting a vivid picture of their mindset and environment. The chemistry between the two rappers adds an extra layer of intensity to the song. Mob Mentality The Creative Cartel's direction brings the song to life with a visually striking music video. The video features G Herbo and Skilla Baby mobbing with their entourage, creating a powerful and intimidating presence. The gritty urban settings and dynamic camera work enhance the track's fierce and defiant vibe. Stream "Shoot" Now G Herbo's "Shoot" featuring Skilla Baby is available on all major streaming platforms. With its relentless energy and hard-hitting lyrics, this track is a must-listen for fans of raw, street-oriented rap. Don't miss out on the latest from G Herbo and Skilla Baby.

Tinashe Drops Two "Nasty" Remixes Featuring Chloe and Tyga

Tinashe takes her sensual track "Nasty" to new heights with two steamy remixes, featuring Chloe on one version and Tyga on the other. Both triple X-rated remakes find Tinashe exploring her inner-freak and discovering her perfect matches. Doubling the Freakiness Tinashe ups the ante with these remixes, bringing a fresh perspective to "Nasty." Her sultry vocals and provocative lyrics remain at the core, but the addition of Chloe and Tyga adds new dimensions to the track. Each remix offers a unique flavor, catering to different vibes and moods. Chloe's Sensual Spin In the Chloe remix, the two artists blend their voices seamlessly, creating a captivating and seductive atmosphere. Chloe's smooth and alluring vocals complement Tinashe's perfectly, resulting in a track that exudes confidence and sexuality. Their chemistry is palpable, making this remix a must-listen for fans of both artists. Tyga's Energetic Edge Tyga brings his signature swagger to the other remix, infusing the track with a high-energy and playful vibe. His verses add a dynamic contrast to Tinashe's sensual delivery, making for an exciting and engaging listen. The Tyga remix of "Nasty" is sure to be a hit on the dance floor and beyond. Exploring Inner-Freaks Both remixes of "Nasty" see Tinashe embracing her desires and celebrating her sexuality. The lyrics are bold and unapologetic, reflecting a confident and liberated mindset. Whether paired with Chloe's seductive charm or Tyga's energetic flow, Tinashe's message remains clear: she's found her perfect matches and isn't afraid to let her freak flag fly. Stream the "Nasty" Remixes The two "Nasty" remixes are available now on all major streaming platforms. Whether you're in the mood for Chloe's sultry spin or Tyga's high-energy edge, Tinashe's latest offerings are sure to satisfy.

Khalid's Junior Album "Sincere" Set for August 2 Release, Drops New Single "Ground"

Khalid is gearing up for the release of his long-awaited junior album, Sincere, which is set to arrive on August 2. As anticipation builds, the El Paso crooner has dropped his latest single, "Ground," a tender track that highlights his signature emotive style and soulful voice. A Preview of What's to Come "Ground" offers a glimpse into the heartfelt and introspective themes that fans can expect from Sincere. Khalid's ability to convey deep emotions through his music shines on this single, making it a standout track that sets the tone for the upcoming album. The Joys of Angelic Presence In "Ground," Khalid sings about the profound joy and serenity that comes from the presence of an angelic figure. His lyrics are both poetic and relatable, capturing the essence of feeling uplifted and grounded by a special someone's presence. The track's tender and soothing melody complements the heartfelt message, creating a song that resonates deeply with listeners. Signature Sound and Emotional Depth Khalid's distinctive voice and emotive delivery are on full display in "Ground." The El Paso artist has a knack for blending contemporary R&B with elements of soul and pop, and this single is no exception. The lush production and carefully crafted instrumentation provide the perfect backdrop for Khalid's vocals, enhancing the song's emotional depth. Building Anticipation for Sincere With the release of "Ground," excitement for Sincere is reaching new heights. Fans have been eagerly awaiting Khalid's third studio album, and this latest single promises that the wait will be well worth it. As Khalid continues to evolve as an artist, Sincere is poised to be a significant milestone in his career. Be sure to stream "Ground" on all major platforms and mark your calendars for the release of Sincere on August 2.

Maxo Kream Keeps It Real with New Single "Eye Know"

Maxo Kream is back with his latest single, "Eye Know," produced by Evilgiane. In this hard-hitting track, the Houston rapper calls out those faking the funk and sends a clear warning to his opps. The release is accompanied by an equally gritty music video that captures the essence of the song. Calling Out the Fakes "Eye Know" sees Maxo Kream keeping his ear to the streets and addressing the pretenders in the rap game. His lyrics are sharp and unapologetic, as he sizes up those who aren't living up to their claims. Maxo's raw and authentic delivery reinforces his reputation as a rapper who stays true to himself and his roots. Dark and Menacing Production Evilgiane's production on "Eye Know" sets the tone with its dark and menacing beats. The instrumental perfectly complements Maxo's intense delivery, creating a track that is both hard-hitting and atmospheric. The production's layered complexity adds depth to the song, making it a standout in Maxo's discography. A Warning to Opps Maxo Kream doesn't shy away from addressing his rivals on "Eye Know." His verses are filled with warnings and declarations of his dominance, making it clear that he's not one to be messed with. The track's confrontational tone underscores Maxo's position in the rap game and his readiness to defend it. Accompanying Music Video The release of "Eye Know" comes with a compelling music video that brings the song's themes to life. The visuals capture the gritty reality of the streets, featuring Maxo in various urban settings as he delivers his hard-hitting bars. The video's dark and moody aesthetic mirrors the song's menacing production, enhancing the overall impact of the track. "Eye Know" by Maxo Kream, produced by Evilgiane, is a powerful addition to his catalog. The track's authentic lyrics, dark production, and compelling music video make it a must-listen for fans of real, street-oriented rap. Available now on all major streaming platforms, "Eye Know" solidifies Maxo Kream's status as a force to be reckoned with in the hip-hop world.

Big Sean Shakes Up the Internet with On The Radar Freestyle

Big Sean has the internet buzzing with his latest freestyle session on the On The Radar radio show. Sporting a J Dilla cap and a DMX t-shirt, the Detroit lyricist confidently steps up to the mic and delivers an abundance of witty bars over an Aaliyah classic. A Tribute to Legends Big Sean's choice of attire for the freestyle session pays homage to two legendary figures in hip-hop. His J Dilla cap nods to the iconic producer who left an indelible mark on the music industry, while his DMX t-shirt honors the late rapper known for his gritty style and powerful performances. This tribute sets the tone for a freestyle that blends respect for the past with a forward-looking vision. Witty Bars and Sharp Delivery Over the instrumental of an Aaliyah classic, Big Sean showcases his lyrical prowess with a series of witty and thought-provoking bars. His sharp delivery and clever wordplay keep listeners engaged from start to finish, demonstrating why he remains one of the most respected voices in the rap game. Each line is meticulously crafted, reflecting his dedication to the art of freestyle. Engaging the Audience The On The Radar freestyle session highlights Big Sean's ability to connect with his audience. His confident presence and engaging performance style draw listeners in, making them feel like they're part of an intimate and exclusive experience. The freestyle has quickly garnered attention online, with fans and critics alike praising his skill and creativity. A Must-Watch Performance Big Sean's On The Radar freestyle is a must-watch for any hip-hop enthusiast. The combination of his tribute to hip-hop legends, his witty and sharp bars, and his captivating delivery make this session a standout moment in his career. Available now on various platforms, this freestyle is sure to leave a lasting impression and further cement Big Sean's place in the rap elite.

Denzel Curry, PlayThatBoiZay, and A$AP Rocky Wild Out on "Hoodlumz"

Denzel Curry brings the heat with his latest release, "Hoodlumz," featuring PlayThatBoiZay and A$AP Rocky. The track is anchored by Kwes Darko’s boisterous instrumental, providing the perfect backdrop for some of the most aggressive bars from the trio to date. High-Energy Collaboration "Hoodlumz" is a powerful collaboration that showcases the unique styles of Denzel Curry, PlayThatBoiZay, and A$AP Rocky. Each artist brings their A-game, delivering intense and hard-hitting verses that reflect their individual prowess and chemistry as a collective. Kwes Darko’s Boisterous Production The production by Kwes Darko is a standout element of "Hoodlumz." The energetic and boisterous beats create a high-octane atmosphere, setting the stage for the aggressive and confident lyrics. The instrumental's intensity perfectly matches the ferocity of the performances, making it an unforgettable listening experience. Aggressive Bars and Raw Energy Denzel Curry, PlayThatBoiZay, and A$AP Rocky deliver some of their most aggressive bars on "Hoodlumz." Their raw energy and unfiltered lyrics capture the essence of street life and the struggles they’ve faced, making the track both authentic and compelling. Each verse is packed with vivid imagery and relentless flow, showcasing their undeniable talent and hunger.


Childish Gambino, Jorja Smith, and Amaarae Team Up for "In The Night"

Childish Gambino has returned with a captivating new single, "In The Night," featuring the soulful vocals of Jorja Smith and the vibrant energy of Amaarae. The track, produced by Childish Gambino himself alongside DJ Dahi and Kurtis McKenzie, brings a blend of dance and dancehall influences, setting the stage for a fantasy-filled exploration of love and desire. A Summer Romance "In The Night" exudes romantic and summer vibes right from the start. Childish Gambino's production, infused with dancehall rhythms and melodic hooks, creates a dynamic backdrop for the trio's lyrical journey. The song transports listeners to a dreamy realm where fantasies and emotions intertwine, evoking feelings of warmth and longing. Fantasizing Over Love The collaboration between Childish Gambino, Jorja Smith, and Amaarae is a seamless blend of their distinct styles. Each artist brings a unique perspective to "In The Night," weaving together narratives that revolve around an involved love interest. Their lyrics paint vivid pictures of yearning and passion, capturing the essence of late-night escapades and romantic fantasies. Dancehall-infused Production The production on "In The Night" is a standout feature, characterized by infectious beats and layered instrumentation. Childish Gambino, DJ Dahi, and Kurtis McKenzie skillfully merge dancehall elements with contemporary sounds, creating a sonic landscape that is both refreshing and irresistible. The music pulses with energy, encouraging listeners to sway and immerse themselves in the groove. A Collaborative Triumph "In The Night" stands as a testament to the collaborative spirit of its creators. Childish Gambino's vision, combined with the soulful vocals of Jorja Smith and the charismatic presence of Amaarae, results in a track that is as captivating as it is emotive. Together, they deliver a performance that is sure to resonate with fans and newcomers alike. Conclusion Childish Gambino's "In The Night," featuring Jorja Smith and Amaarae, is a celebration of love, fantasy, and summer vibes. The song's dancehall-infused production, coupled with the trio's heartfelt performances, creates a memorable listening experience. Available now on all major streaming platforms, "In The Night" invites listeners to indulge in a musical journey filled with romance and allure.

Grafh and 38 Spesh Pay Homage to Roc-A-Fella Records with "Rocafella Chain" Featuring Memphis Bleek, Freeway, and Peedi Crakk

Grafh and 38 Spesh join forces with Memphis Bleek, Freeway, and Peedi Crakk to drop their new single, "Rocafella Chain." This track is a tribute to the legendary Roc-A-Fella Records, featuring former artists from the iconic label and showcasing 38 Spesh’s masterful horn-infused production. Honoring Hip-Hop Legends "Rocafella Chain" is a heartfelt homage to one of hip-hop’s most influential labels. Grafh's verses pay respect to the legacy of Roc-A-Fella Records, recalling its golden era and the impact it had on the music industry. The collaboration brings together some of the label's notable artists, adding authenticity and depth to the tribute. Powerful Collaborations Featuring Memphis Bleek, Freeway, and Peedi Crakk, the track is a powerful reminder of the talent that defined Roc-A-Fella Records. Each artist brings their unique style and energy, contributing to a dynamic and engaging performance. Their verses are a blend of nostalgia and fresh energy, seamlessly fitting into 38 Spesh's rich production. Horn-Infused Production 38 Spesh's production on "Rocafella Chain" is a standout element of the track. The horn-infused beats add a grand and celebratory feel, perfectly complementing the theme of homage and respect. The production's layered complexity provides a solid foundation for the lyrical showcase, enhancing the overall impact of the song. Nostalgic Visuals While a music video has yet to be announced, fans can anticipate visuals that capture the essence of Roc-A-Fella’s legacy. Imagining the combination of iconic imagery from the label’s history with the modern styles of Grafh, Memphis Bleek, Freeway, and Peedi Crakk promises a visual treat that will resonate with both old-school fans and new listeners. Conclusion "Rocafella Chain" by Grafh and 38 Spesh, featuring Memphis Bleek, Freeway, and Peedi Crakk, is a fitting tribute to Roc-A-Fella Records. The track honors the label's legacy while showcasing the enduring talents of its former artists. Now available on all major streaming platforms, "Rocafella Chain" is a must-listen for hip-hop enthusiasts looking to relive the glory days of Roc-A-Fella Records and celebrate its lasting influence on the genre.

LL Cool J Proves His GOAT Status with New Single "Passion"

LL Cool J reaffirms his legendary status in the rap game with his latest single, "Passion." The track showcases the Queens MC's unwavering talent and dedication to his craft, while the nostalgic visual that accompanies the release brings his journey full circle. A Veteran's Mastery "Passion" is a testament to LL Cool J's enduring influence and prowess in the rap industry. The track features his signature brolic bars delivered with the confidence and swagger that only a true GOAT can embody. His lyrics are filled with determination and grit, reflecting the passion that has driven his illustrious career. Nostalgic Visuals The music video for "Passion" complements the track perfectly, blending nostalgia with a contemporary edge. The visual takes viewers on a trip down memory lane, showcasing LL Cool J jotting in his rhyme book and taking center stage with a commanding presence. The scenes are a nod to his roots and the timeless nature of his contributions to hip-hop. Commanding the Stage LL Cool J's performance in the "Passion" video is a masterclass in stage presence. Whether he's writing rhymes or performing live, his charisma and energy are palpable. The visual emphasizes his role as a pioneer in the industry, highlighting his journey from a young rapper in Queens to a global icon. A Celebration of Hip-Hop "Passion" is more than just a new single; it's a celebration of hip-hop and LL Cool J's pivotal role in its history. The track and its visual honor the culture and the art form, paying tribute to the golden era of rap while showcasing LL Cool J's ability to stay relevant in today's music scene. Conclusion LL Cool J's "Passion" is a powerful reminder of why he is considered one of the greatest of all time. The single and its accompanying visual are a celebration of his legacy and a testament to his enduring impact on the rap game. "Passion" is now available on all major streaming platforms, inviting fans to witness the GOAT in action once again.

Fat Joe and Remy Ma Reunite on "Outta Control"

Fat Joe and Remy Ma prove they are still at the top of their game with their latest collaboration, "Outta Control." The track sees the Bronx veterans trading slick bars over a nostalgic beat that flips DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince's 1991 classic, "Summertime." A Nod to the Classics "Outta Control" brings a fresh twist to a beloved hip-hop classic. By sampling "Summertime," Fat Joe and Remy Ma pay homage to the golden era of hip-hop while infusing the track with their own modern flair. The familiar, breezy instrumental provides the perfect backdrop for their confident and braggadocious verses. Sleek Bars and Bravado Both Fat Joe and Remy Ma deliver verses that are full of bravado and style. Fat Joe's deep, commanding voice pairs seamlessly with Remy Ma's sharp, assertive flow. Their chemistry is undeniable, as they effortlessly trade bars and keep the energy high throughout the track. Celebrating Bronx Roots As Bronx natives, Fat Joe and Remy Ma bring an authentic, streetwise perspective to "Outta Control." Their lyrics reflect their experiences and successes, serving as a testament to their longevity and influence in the hip-hop world. The track is a celebration of their roots and a reminder of their lasting impact on the genre. A High-Energy Collaboration "Outta Control" is a high-energy track that captures the essence of summer and the spirit of celebration. The upbeat tempo and catchy hook make it an instant hit, perfect for parties and gatherings. It's a track that encourages listeners to let loose and enjoy the moment. Conclusion Fat Joe and Remy Ma's "Outta Control" is a triumphant return to form for the duo. The track combines nostalgic elements with contemporary flair, showcasing their skills and chemistry. "Outta Control" is now available on all major streaming platforms, inviting fans to enjoy the latest offering from these two hip-hop legends.