Video - Rod Wave - Numb

After a brief hiatus, Rod Wave makes a triumphant return with his newest release, "Numb", accompanied by its official music video. Captured through the lens of director 20K, the visual narrative unfolds as Rod Wave navigates through the complexities of lost love. Set against the backdrop of his hometown in St. Petersburg, the video offers intimate glimpses of the rapper as he seeks solace in the company of friends, sharing raw emotions and reflections on the challenges of heartbreak. From introspective moments at home to impromptu stops at local haunts like Waffle House, Rod Wave's journey unfolds with authenticity and vulnerability, inviting viewers into his world as he grapples with the weight of emotional turmoil. "Numb" stands as a poignant testament to Rod Wave's ability to channel raw emotion into his music, offering listeners a cathartic experience that resonates long after the final chord fades.