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Friday, June 4, 2021

[Exclusive] Young Rising Star Kiddstarr Goo Signs With Celebrity Status Records

I grew up like any average kid from the trenches. But I moved around more than
a military family, but My family was broke as fuck. I grew up watching my mom
get beat up, nothing In the fridge. You know, how the story goes. All I could look
forward to was sports and music.

I had to find some sort of escape from all the bullshit that was happening around
me. So I played football and basketball for awhile. But I started rapping around 11
or 12 and I immediately found a passion for it. I wasn’t a stranger to it watching my
pops start his recording studio and clothing store in downtown Oklahoma City.

So I guess you could say he inspired me in some ways. By 13 I was already recording.
I would rap in the hallways at school. I changed schools every year so every school year
I would make it a goal of mine to make sure everybody knew I could rap before the year
was over with. And that I did.

There’s probably all type of videos of me spitting at lunch tables and shit. Till this day that
same passion burns. I’ve recently just got my equipment for my own studio. With years of
experience with song writing I’m still perfecting my sound day by day
mastering the engineering side of things.

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