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Friday, June 4, 2021

[Exclusive] Upcoming Rap Duo Grindstar Sign With Celebrity Status Records

Artist JUGGA MR. WOW Born Travis Bennett , in Columbus Ohio has been intrigued by
music at an early age. By the time he reached the 7th grade he met his best friend and
life long Engineer Mayh3m (Kito Denham) and decided to try to make a song. Low and
behold they lit a fire in each other and decided to take music serious. They formed a
group with friends (Da Gladiators) from school and started performing around
Columbus Ohio first, then moved city to city. Jugga then joined the military and
traveled the world and masterd his craft as an lyricist, and started producing music.

After his military time he returned home to Columbus Ohio reunited with Mayh3m and
fellow GrindStar Ent. artist Byg Cheef (Christopher English) and decided to take it to the
next level getting offers from lables such as Def Jam, and Way Down records turning
them all down to go Independent and grind it out with his team.

Linking up with his crew and forming MCRE a label that consist of close colleges all of who
are artist and producers themselves. He hopes to take the music industry by storm. He has
previously released an Album ( Mr. Gangsta ) and three mixtapes ( 1. Open Season Vol 1. )
(2. Green light District ) , and ( 3. D.O.P.E. The Mixtape) And is currently working on his
latest project GrindStar Ent. Presents ( Addicted 2 the Bag)

Christopher English, born July 20 during the 80's known by his stage name “Byg Cheef”,
is an American rapper and philanthropist in the inner city community. Hailing from the
“614”, Columbus, Ohio, Byg Cheef attributes his lyrical prowess to being “smack dab in
the middle of the country” where the cultural influences of Motown, The Rock and Roll
Hall of Fame, East-West-and South Coast music flow
through the speakers without prejudice.

An avid believer in giving back to the community at large, “Reach One to Teach One”
his personal mantra, Byg Cheef has been a little league football coach and mentor to
over four hundred boys and Hilltop Cowboys Little League Team for over seven years.
Under his mentorship and coordinated coaching efforts, all levels/ages of boys, Hilltop
Cowboys Team established their presence going undefeated for the 2015 season. In
honor of their efforts, Byg Cheef created their team anthem, “All 4 Won.”

Also, in his philanthropy work, Byg Cheef assists other artisans by creating artist
showcases where they perform for major record label producers showcasing their
lyrical/vocal talents in hopes to connect, bridge and network artists to producers
and record companies. He also hopes his efforts demonstrate to street artists a
different way of life.

Byg Cheef was born and raised into a musical family where he would hone his
talents and collaborate with family members: father, David B. English, cousin,
Queen Cee, uncles, Michael Watson, and Michael English. Working various
projects and writing lyrical pieces, his ability flourished within the proving
ground of his family of origin. He co-wrote, “Whatcha Kno,”
for performer, Queen Cee.

A larger than life personality, Byg Cheef hosts top billed shows such
as, “My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding”, also appearing on BET's“Blowin’ Up
Fatty Koo,” and other shows on various television networks. His
charismatic energy and professionalism also make him the “go-to-
performer” for radio stations, such as 107.5 POWER(Columbus Ohio) or
106.7 The Beat where he can always be found making commercials on
network or just shooting the breeze with On-Air Radio Personality,
Dommy Stylez and Dj IQ!. Byg Cheef continues to rock the airwaves of
the Midwest with his hit singles “Slap’N Ohio” and “All I Want.” 2021
has been a break out from underground type of year for BygCheef and
New Group GrindStar Ent with multiple crowd stunning performances
during NBA All-Star Weekend 2021 in Atlanta,GA after Ray Daniels
Morning Show interviews where they showed tremendous amounts of love
for GrindStarEnt and their Midwestern Lifestyle! Followed by Pittsburgh, PA
Wheeling,WV Cleveland,OH All embracing the sound and showmanship shown
by GrindStarEnt. Which brings New Management and Opportunities that have
the 50 States on notice of A Great Group on The Rise!

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