Video - NBA YoungBoy - We shot him in his head huh

In his latest release, "We Shot Him In His Head Huh," NBA YoungBoy remains true to his gritty and unapologetic style. The menacing visuals depict NBA YoungBoy delivering cutthroat lyrics while issuing a warning to his rivals. Against the backdrop of a robbery, the video intensifies the raw and confrontational nature of his lyrics. As the scenes unfold, a group of eye-catching individuals twerk and brandish firearms, adding an element of boldness and audacity to the overall narrative. NBA YoungBoy's ability to craft vivid and intense visuals that complement his hard-hitting lyrics is evident in "We Shot Him In His Head Huh." The video not only captures the essence of his uncompromising approach to storytelling but also showcases the harsh realities and confrontations that are often prevalent in his musical universe. As NBA YoungBoy continues to make waves in the rap scene, "We Shot Him In His Head Huh" reinforces his reputation for delivering unfiltered and impactful content, maintaining his status as a dominant force in the genre.

Video - Fabolous - Calling You Up Freestyle

After a brief hiatus, Fabolous swiftly returns with his latest weekly drop, "Calling You Up Freestyle." The accompanying visual, shot in Dubai, captures Fabolous and his female companion embarking on a nighttime joyride through the city. The scenes seamlessly transition to a desert setting, adding an exotic and cinematic touch to the date night visuals. Against the backdrop of Dubai's stunning skyline, Fabolous showcases his signature style and lyrical prowess, proving that he can effortlessly switch between global locations while maintaining his charismatic flow. "Calling You Up Freestyle" not only marks Fabolous's consistent commitment to his weekly releases but also highlights his ability to create engaging visuals that complement his verses. The combination of the atmospheric setting, smooth production, and Fabolous's confident delivery make this freestyle another noteworthy addition to his ever-expanding catalog. As Fabolous continues to bring fresh content to his fans, "Calling You Up Freestyle" stands out as a testament to his enduring relevance and global appeal in the rap scene.


Video - USHER Feat. Pheelz - Ruin

As Usher's highly anticipated album "Coming Home" draws near, he treats fans to the latest single, "Ruin," featuring Nigerian producer and singer Pheelz. The Dave Meyer-directed music video, shot entirely on an Apple iPhone 15 Pro, offers an intimate glimpse into Usher's life. The visual showcases the R&B icon dancing effortlessly throughout his lavish residence alongside his significant other. The heartwarming scenes also depict Usher spending quality time with his daughter, adding a personal touch to the overall narrative. "Ruin" not only serves as a testament to Usher's enduring artistry but also highlights his commitment to embracing new technologies in music production and storytelling. As the anticipation builds for "Coming Home," this single and its accompanying video provide a taste of what fans can expect from Usher's latest musical offering. With its smooth melodies, soulful vocals, and visually engaging content, "Ruin" reinforces Usher's status as a global music icon who continues to evolve and captivate audiences with his timeless sound and creativity.

Video - Don Toliver - Bandit

Don Toliver makes a triumphant return with his latest single, "Bandit," accompanied by an energetic music video. In the grainy visual, the Cactus Jack artist takes center stage as he leads his biker gang through the desert, creating an exhilarating and rebellious atmosphere. The scenes transition to a rowdy house party, adding to the high-energy vibe of the track. Notably, Don Toliver also shares a moment with his girlfriend and singer Kali Uchis, who is expecting their first child. The "Bandit" video captures the essence of Don Toliver's unique style and showcases his ability to seamlessly blend elements of hip-hop, R&B, and rock. With its dynamic visuals and infectious beats, "Bandit" is sure to resonate with fans and leave a lasting impression on the music scene. As Don Toliver continues to carve out his own lane in the industry, "Bandit" stands as a testament to his artistic growth and ability to deliver captivating performances that leave listeners eagerly anticipating more from this rising star.

Video - Lil Yachty - A COLD SUNDAY

Lil Yachty takes a laid-back approach in his latest release, "A Cold Sunday," treating listeners to a chill vibe from the Atlanta rapper. The accompanying visuals, shot by Little Miles and AMD Visuals, feature a creative portrayal with multiple screens. Lil Yachty uses the opportunity to showcase his lyrical talents over a soul-sampled beat crafted by Aris Tatalovich. The video's unique presentation, coupled with Lil Yachty's relaxed flow and clever wordplay, creates an engaging experience for viewers. "A Cold Sunday" reflects Lil Yachty's versatility as an artist, highlighting his ability to navigate different styles and deliver quality content. As Lil Yachty continues to evolve in the hip-hop scene, "A Cold Sunday" serves as a testament to his ongoing creativity and willingness to experiment with diverse sounds. Fans can enjoy the refreshing and introspective vibe of this track, appreciating Lil Yachty's contribution to the ever-evolving landscape of rap music.

Video - Logic - Fear

Logic kicks off the anticipation for his upcoming album, Ultra 85, with the release of its lead single, "Fear," accompanied by an engaging music video. The Maryland lyricist, known for his introspective and thought-provoking content, co-produced the track with 6ix and Conor Albert. In "Fear," Logic fearlessly addresses criticism and advocates for living life authentically, regardless of external opinions. The empowering message is delivered through Logic's signature flow, showcasing his lyrical prowess. The music video, directed by Andy Hines, takes viewers through a day in the life of a drag queen, portrayed by the talented Tajh Jordan. The visuals add depth to the song's themes of embracing one's true self and overcoming societal judgments. As Logic gears up for the release of Ultra 85, "Fear" sets the tone for what fans can expect from the upcoming album—a blend of impactful lyrics, meaningful messages, and innovative storytelling. The combination of Logic's insightful lyricism and the visually captivating music video makes "Fear" a compelling introduction to his latest musical endeavor.


Video - JT - Sideways

JT makes a bold statement with her latest single, "Sideways." The accompanying music video, featuring the other half of the City Girls, portrays JT delivering unapologetic bars for her competition. Set against the backdrop of a photoshoot and a studio session, JT exudes confidence and assertiveness as she asserts her dominance in the rap game. The visuals capture the essence of the track, showcasing JT's fearless attitude and determination to stand out in a competitive industry. With its hard-hitting beats and JT's assertive delivery, "Sideways" serves as a testament to the City Girls' unapologetic and empowering approach to their music. The track is poised to resonate with fans who appreciate the duo's bold lyricism and charismatic presence, further solidifying their impact on the contemporary hip-hop scene. As JT continues to make waves with her solo endeavors, "Sideways" stands out as a powerful addition to her growing body of work.

Video - Tyga - Sensei

Tyga confidently asserts his position as the ultimate ladies' man with the release of his newest single, "Sensei." In the accompanying video, directed by Sandeep and Chadrick, Tyga showcases his charisma and swagger as he takes on the role of the "Sensei" in the realm of romance. The Los Angeles rapper is seen in his creative lab, surrounded by a group of women, embodying the epitome of a bachelor lifestyle. The visuals seamlessly align with the track's playful and confident vibes, highlighting Tyga's ability to effortlessly captivate his audience. "Sensei" not only serves as a testament to Tyga's magnetic appeal but also solidifies his position as a master of the game when it comes to creating music that resonates with fans. With its infectious energy and catchy hooks, the track is set to further elevate Tyga's status in the realm of contemporary hip-hop. As he continues to navigate the music scene with his signature style, "Sensei" stands out as a testament to Tyga's ongoing success and influence in the industry.

Stream - Daniel Caesar - Waiting In Vain (Bob Marley: One Love - Music Inspired By The Film)

As the highly anticipated Bob Marley: One Love film prepares to grace theaters, Daniel Caesar adds his unique touch to the film's motion picture soundtrack. In his contribution, Daniel Caesar takes on Bob Marley and The Wailers' classic "Waiting In Vain" from 1977, giving the timeless track a modern and soulful reinterpretation. The Canadian artist's rendition pays homage to the legendary reggae icon while infusing his own contemporary style, providing a fresh perspective on the iconic song. Caesar's involvement in the soundtrack is sure to be a standout moment for fans of both his work and the enduring legacy of Bob Marley.

Video - Kash Doll - Big 1/Fawk Em

Kash Doll asserts her dominance like a true boss in her latest double-single release, featuring tracks "Big 1" and "Fawk Em." Presented by Unified Atlantic, the accompanying video kicks off with the Detroit rapper and her crew of masked female bandits, showcasing a powerful image as they commandeer a monster truck, armed with swinging bats. Kash Doll exudes confidence and authority throughout the visuals, aligning perfectly with the bold and assertive tone of her music. With this double-single release, Kash Doll proves once again that she's a force to be reckoned with in the hip-hop scene.

Video - YoungBoy Never Broke Again - Bnyx Da Reaper

NBA YoungBoy is unleashing unbridled intensity with his latest track, "Bynx Da Reaper." The accompanying visual, skillfully directed by Nick Eldredge, paints a vivid picture of YoungBoy Never Broke Again's relentless energy. Set against the backdrop of a wintry compound, the video perfectly complements the raw and unapologetic lyrics of the song. In "Bynx Da Reaper," YoungBoy takes no prisoners, delivering cutthroat verses that leave no room for mercy. The video captures the essence of the track, enhancing its impact with compelling visuals that resonate with the fierce and unyielding nature of YoungBoy's artistry. As he continues to solidify his place in the rap game, "Bynx Da Reaper" stands out as another testament to NBA YoungBoy's uncompromising style and undeniable presence in the music scene.


Stream - Yelawolf Feat. Presley Vaughn, Tony Martinez, & JT Loux - Wolf Moon

Yelawolf has just unleashed a distinctive sound in his latest drop, "Wolf Moon." Collaborating with country singers Presley Vaughn and Tony Martinez, alongside acoustic/alternative artist JT Loux, the track offers a fresh fusion of genres. In this rendition, Yelawolf takes on legendary songs by Stevie Nicks and Elton John. "Landslide" from Fleetwood Mac, written by Nicks, and Elton John's "Rocket Man" both get a unique makeover in "Wolf Moon." The collaboration showcases a diverse range of styles, with Yelawolf and the vocal talents of Vaughn, Martinez, and Loux blending genres seamlessly. It's a refreshing take on these timeless classics, demonstrating the artists' versatility and creative synergy.

Stream - Lyrical Lemonade Feat. Teezo Touchdown, Juicy J, Cochise, Denzel Curry & Lil B - First Night

Lyrical Lemonade has just unleashed a wild musical experience with their latest drop, "First Night." Featuring Teezo Touchdown, Juicy J, Cochise, Denzel Curry, and Lil B, this track might seem unconventional at first glance, but trust us, it's one rollercoaster of a ride. The song delves into the theme of getting intimate on the first night of hanging out while also urging listeners to seek more meaningful connections. Lil B adds a touch of depth with a poignant spoken word piece at the end, emphasizing the importance of authenticity. Juicy J takes command of the chorus, infusing it with his gritty Memphis style and contributing to some Three 6 Mafia-like elements in the production. Cochise and Denzel Curry bring a burst of energy with their consecutive verses, contributing to the song's dynamic flow. Teezo sets the tone with an angelic passage that seamlessly transitions into a bass-heavy beat, delivering a trunk-knocking vibe. This collaboration is a melting pot of different styles and voices, creating a multifaceted and captivating musical journey. "First Night" captures the essence of contemporary hip-hop, offering a mix of thought-provoking messages and high-energy performances that make it an unforgettable and distinct listening experience.

Video - Iman Nunez - I Got Time

Iman Nunez is all about the hustle, and he's not wasting any time in his latest video, "I Got Time." Directed by Dre Hartwell and Isaiah Sosa, the clip captures the Yonkers rapper on his relentless paper chase in a world filled with haters. The video serves as a visual representation of the age-old saying, "Time is money," as Iman Nunez navigates through his grind with a focus on his goals. The scenes are filled with a sense of urgency, reflecting the rapper's determination to make the most of every moment in his pursuit of success.

Video - Kevin Gates - Super General 2

Kevin Gates continues to ride the wave of his recent success with the release of the second part of his "Super General" series. The new video, directed by Bandcamp, offers fans a glimpse into Gates' world as he delivers his signature street tales in the raw and authentic setting of a New York studio. As the beat drops, Gates weaves intricate narratives that paint vivid pictures of life in the streets, using his unique storytelling skills to engage listeners. The video perfectly complements the gritty vibe of the track, capturing the essence of Gates' experiences and observations. The choice of a New York backdrop adds an extra layer of authenticity to the visual narrative, creating a connection between the artist and the concrete jungle that has inspired so much of his work. The scenes of Gates in the studio, passionately delivering his verses, provide an intimate look into the creative process of this Baton Rouge rapper. "Super General Part 2" stands out not only as a continuation of Gates' musical journey but also as a testament to his ability to connect with listeners through the power of storytelling. The video, with its realistic portrayal of Gates' lyrics, offers viewers a deeper understanding of the artist's perspective and the environments that have shaped his artistry.