Video - Fabolous - Calling You Up Freestyle

After a brief hiatus, Fabolous swiftly returns with his latest weekly drop, "Calling You Up Freestyle." The accompanying visual, shot in Dubai, captures Fabolous and his female companion embarking on a nighttime joyride through the city. The scenes seamlessly transition to a desert setting, adding an exotic and cinematic touch to the date night visuals. Against the backdrop of Dubai's stunning skyline, Fabolous showcases his signature style and lyrical prowess, proving that he can effortlessly switch between global locations while maintaining his charismatic flow. "Calling You Up Freestyle" not only marks Fabolous's consistent commitment to his weekly releases but also highlights his ability to create engaging visuals that complement his verses. The combination of the atmospheric setting, smooth production, and Fabolous's confident delivery make this freestyle another noteworthy addition to his ever-expanding catalog. As Fabolous continues to bring fresh content to his fans, "Calling You Up Freestyle" stands out as a testament to his enduring relevance and global appeal in the rap scene.