Luh Tyler - "Handz Up"

In "Handz Up," Luh Tyler delivers a self-assured anthem reflecting on his rise and newfound success. Opening with a declaration of his financial gains, Tyler emphasizes his proactive approach to life, distinguishing himself from those who remain inactive. The line "She walked in the room, seen Mr. Ski, she got butterflies" captures the excitement and impact of his presence, suggesting his growing influence and charisma. Despite initial doubts about his rapping career, Tyler expresses his passion and commitment to his craft, demonstrating personal growth and confidence. The repeated "Yeah, yeah, all my diamonds hit, uh (Ice)" highlights his flashy lifestyle and success, while "Yeah, yeah, yeah, outside with that shit, uh (N****, frrt)" reinforces his readiness to face challenges head-on. Overall, "Handz Up" showcases Luh Tyler's journey from uncertainty to embracing his role in the rap game, celebrating his achievements and asserting his presence in the industry.