Big Boss Vette Gains Momentum with "Ice Me" Following TikTok Tease

Vette's latest track, "Ice Me," has been generating buzz since its preview on TikTok, capturing attention and anticipation ahead of its official release. While details about a potential music video remain undisclosed, Vette recently showcased her performance of "Ice Me" on Instagram's From The Block series, further igniting interest in her new single. Inspired by Waka Flocka Flame's iconic "O Let's Do It," "Ice Me" pays homage while carving out its own unique vibe, resonating with fans who eagerly share their excitement across social media platforms. Despite her current success, Vette's journey hasn't been without challenges. Surviving a gunshot incident in 2016 prompted her to reevaluate her life, leading to significant personal growth and transformation. Reflecting on her experiences, she shared with St. Louis Magazine last year, "I’ve been through a lot of things. Pain and grief have been my biggest teachers." With "Ice Me," Vette channels her resilience and newfound perspective into her music, marking a powerful return and reaffirming her place in the spotlight. Stream "Ice Me" below and join the conversation about this promising new release.