Stream - Chris Brown - Weakest Link

The ongoing feud between Chris Brown and Quavo shows no signs of cooling down with the release of Brown's latest single, “Weakest Link”. Coming hot on the heels of Quavo's recent track “Tender”, which seemed to reignite tensions between the two artists, Chris Brown wastes no time in firing back with a blistering response aimed squarely at the Migos rapper. With "Weakest Link", Brown pulls no punches, delivering scathing lyrics and aggressive bars that leave no doubt about his feelings towards Quavo. The track serves as a direct rebuttal to Quavo's earlier diss, showcasing Brown's trademark blend of slick wordplay and confrontational delivery. As the feud between the two continues to escalate, fans are left eagerly anticipating each new release, wondering who will come out on top in this high-stakes musical showdown. With both artists at the top of their game, the battle for supremacy promises to be nothing short of electrifying.