Video - Lil Dann Feat. Lil Yachty - WIPED

Lil Dann is making moves in the music scene with his latest single "WIPED," featuring the renowned Lil Yachty. This collaboration marks a significant milestone for Lil Dann, as Lil Yachty's popularity and influence bring a new level of excitement to the track. Lil Yachty's presence on "WIPED" is a big deal because he's currently one of the most sought-after artists in the industry. He's been working with artists from various genres and levels of fame, showcasing his versatility and appeal to a wide audience. With Lil Yachty on board, "WIPED" is sure to attract attention and garner interest from fans of both artists. What's also notable about "WIPED" is the production team behind it. Working on Dying and BNYX are known for their cutting-edge sound, which often incorporates futuristic elements and pushes the boundaries of traditional music genres. Their collaboration with Lil Dann on this track promises to deliver a fresh and innovative sonic experience that sets it apart from other releases. But "WIPED" isn't just another single for Lil Dann—it's a teaser for his upcoming debut album, "Scared To Be Great." This announcement adds another layer of excitement for fans, as they eagerly anticipate what Lil Dann has in store for his first full-length project. While details about the album are still scarce, the preview offered by "WIPED" gives listeners a taste of what they can expect from Lil Dann's music. As we look forward to the release of "Scared To Be Great," it's clear that Lil Dann is on the brink of something big. His collaboration with Lil Yachty and the talented production team behind "WIPED" signal a promising start to his career. Keep an eye out for updates on Lil Dann's debut album, and be sure to catch "WIPED" to experience the excitement for yourself.