Stream - Future Feat. Metro Boomin - GTA

In "GTA," Future, featuring Metro Boomin, offers a gritty portrayal of street life, delving into the harsh realities of survival and the challenges of navigating dangerous environments. Through vivid imagery and candid lyricism, the artists provide a raw and unfiltered perspective on the struggles and dangers inherent in urban neighborhoods. "Zone 3, Zone 6 n****s never play fair, they gon' slime you out" immediately sets the tone for the song, highlighting the cutthroat nature of life in these neighborhoods. Future and Metro Boomin shed light on the ruthless tactics employed by residents to gain an advantage, emphasizing the importance of vigilance and self-preservation. "Once you join a gang, it ain't no way you get out" confronts the harsh reality of gang affiliation. The artists underscore the difficulty of breaking free from the grip of gang culture, painting a bleak picture of entrapment and limited choices for those caught in its grasp. The line serves as a stark reminder of the consequences of involvement in criminal activities. "They just jacked the car, they need 'em somethin' to spin out" offers a glimpse into the desperation and opportunism prevalent in the streets. Future and Metro Boomin depict a scene of theft and recklessness, illustrating the lengths to which individuals will go to satisfy their immediate needs. The reference to "spinning out" adds a sense of urgency and danger to the narrative. "Layin' inside the bushes tryna get my rent up" captures the struggle for survival in the face of adversity. The artists depict a scene of stealth and cunning, as individuals resort to hiding and waiting for opportunities to improve their financial situations. The imagery of laying in the bushes evokes a sense of vulnerability and desperation, highlighting the lengths to which people will go to make ends meet. "Came up on a bird and ever since, I've been up" offers a glimmer of hope amidst the chaos. Future and Metro Boomin celebrate the triumphs and successes that can emerge from challenging circumstances, suggesting that resilience and resourcefulness can lead to upward mobility. The reference to coming up on a "bird," slang for a kilogram of drugs, underscores the theme of seizing opportunities in the face of adversity. In "GTA," Future and Metro Boomin provide a candid and unvarnished portrayal of street life, offering insight into the struggles and dangers faced by those living in urban neighborhoods. Through their vivid storytelling and evocative lyricism, they shed light on the complexities of survival and the resilience of the human spirit amidst adversity.