Video - Tee Grizzley - One of One

Tee Grizzley takes a trip down memory lane, revisiting his Tee’s Coney Island album with the release of the new video for "One Of One." Directed by Jerry Productions, the visual captures the Detroit rapper as he delivers a barrage of bars in various settings. From a gritty boxing gymnasium to a late-night diner and the Golden State Exotics cannabis shop, Tee Grizzley's energetic performance is accompanied by dynamic visuals that complement the raw and intense nature of his verses. The video provides a glimpse into the artist's world, showcasing both his lyrical prowess and the diverse locations that have shaped his journey. As Tee Grizzley continues to showcase his unique style and storytelling abilities, "One Of One" serves as a testament to his authenticity and dedication to his craft. The video adds an extra layer of visual storytelling, creating an immersive experience for fans of the Detroit rapper's music.