Video - Nardo Wick Feat. Sexyy Red - Somethin'

In the enthralling collaboration "Somethin'", Nardo Wick masterfully intertwines his distinctive rap style with a narrative that immerses listeners in his fascination with a mesmerizing woman he affectionately dubs "Sexyy Red." The track, complemented by a visually compelling music video directed by Ndoh, unfolds like a cinematic tale. Nardo Wick's lyrical finesse crafts a vivid portrayal of his ideal woman during a visit to a late-night gas station, while scenes within the video showcase the rapper and his co-star enveloped by a lively group of twerking women, creating a dynamic and vibrant atmosphere. "Somethin'" not only underscores Nardo Wick's playful and infectious musical approach but also provides a visually immersive experience, elevating it to a standout piece in his evolving musical repertoire. The seamless fusion of captivating storytelling and dynamic visuals sets "Somethin'" apart as a compelling and memorable addition to Nardo Wick's evolving body of work.