Stream - Kid Cudi - BLACK OPS Feat. Denzel Curry

To complement the launch of his comic series, Moon Man, Kid Cudi drops the track "Black Ops" featuring Denzel Curry from the accompanying soundtrack. Set against a powerful instrumental backdrop, the collaboration showcases both artists embracing their rock-infused style. Kid Cudi and Denzel Curry deliver an array of bars with melodic flows, intertwining their unique vocal styles to create a dynamic and energetic track. The synergy between their performances amplifies the rockstar lifestyle narrative embedded in the song. "Black Ops" not only serves as a testament to Kid Cudi's multidimensional artistry but also highlights Denzel Curry's versatility in navigating different musical genres. The track, rooted in the Moon Man comic universe, adds an extra layer of depth to the storytelling, providing fans with a sonic experience that mirrors the intensity and creativity of the accompanying visual narrative.