Stream - Kenyalynn Feat. Dap Daniel - Rollin' Loud

Kenyalynn and Dap Daniel join forces to release "Rollin' Loud," a collaborative tribute to an era of Bay Area music that took the world by storm – the "hyphy" movement. The song serves as a homage to the city of Richmond, California, encapsulating the vibrant and influential musical culture that emerged from the region. "Rollin' Loud" not only pays respect to the iconic hyphy movement but also celebrates the unique sound and energy that defined the Bay Area during that era. The collaboration between Kenyalynn and Dap Daniel becomes a testament to the enduring impact of the local music scene in shaping cultural movements and leaving a lasting imprint on the industry. As the artists navigate through the rich musical history of Richmond, California, "Rollin' Loud" becomes more than just a song; it becomes a cultural reflection and a tribute to the roots that continue to influence and inspire the music coming out of the Bay Area.