Stream - Rapsody Feat. Hit-Boy - ASTEROIDS

After a period of relative quiet, Rapsody emerges anew with her latest track, "Asteroids," skillfully produced by Hit-Boy. Set against the backdrop of Hit-Boy's compelling beats, the North Carolina MC showcases her lyrical finesse. In a commanding tone, she addresses non-believers, asserting her demand for respect while providing insightful commentary on the current state of the music industry. Opening with her birth name, Marlanna Evans, she asserts her significance: "Underappreciated, but I’m still the most respected." Rapsody candidly addresses her insecurities, acknowledging the fear of rejection in a world that may not fully recognize her brilliance. Undaunted by the rawness of her authenticity, she notes how her unfiltered expression captivates audiences: "When you this raw they listen with an erection." The rapper cleverly references others in the industry, noting instances where artists adopt a Drake-like approach, prioritizing themes of affection. Rapsody stands out by infusing her craft with substance and a compelling message: "There I go, hard to rap without a message." This release marks Rapsody's first official single since her acclaimed 2019 album, "Eve." Despite the intervening period, she has remained active, treating fans to a series of new tracks, including "12 Problems," "Iconic," and "Dust To Diamonds." Notable collaborations with artists like Robin Thicke and DJ Premier further demonstrate her versatility. Earlier this year, her collaboration with KIRBY on "Eve Gene" showcased her ongoing commitment to delivering impactful and meaningful music.