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Saturday, September 2, 2023

[Exclusive] Florida Artists Zay Untamed And Mcklezie Team Up On Their Hit "Toot It Up"

"Toot It Up" isn't just your average song; it's a narrative-driven video experience. The storyline revolves around a predicament faced by the artists Zay Untamed and Mcklezie, who find themselves in debt to Deebo. To make things right, they hatch a plan that's as unique as it is entertaining. Deebo's demand for repayment sets the stage for our artists' creative problem-solving. They decide to set up a car wash business, but not just any car wash. Zay and Mcklezie enlist the help of some talented beautiful ladies who are ready to "Toot It Up" while they get those cars shining. Stream/Support:

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