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Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Rachid Eltank Shares His Vision Of Rap And Music With Us

The singer Rachid Eltank is a rare trend that is becoming known in France. He is a rare gem in the music world. We all have periods where quality HipHop sounds are rare, the quality of the music proposed by Matheozito are just incredible. Rachid Eltank’s music is strictly an energy and his flow is flawless. It develops more and more, and begins to be well known in different French cities that do not stop listening to it.

Today, he may be a legend in his hometown, but he is not yet a household name, but his music is definitely heard and his career is just beginning. After giving three hits back to back which were “Sharingan”, “404” and “Welcome”, the singer Rachid Eltank returns to the scene with this new exclusive “Egyptien”. We hear there’s a video on the way for this banger!

In his recent song “Red”, he shows a unique talent not only for his sounds but also for explaining himself and expressing himself like a prince. The song is a perfect blend of lyrics and beat. The future of this one year old rising star is promising.

He is currently working hard hitting the studio every day to perfect the first project with other artists that will take him to the next level.

Follow him on Instagram: @Rachidinreal


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