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Tuesday, June 15, 2021

[Exclusive] Get To Know SPHINXX The Triple Threat Whose Shaking Up The Music Industry

Alex Lofton, better known as SPHINXX is an
artist manager, producer and engineer,
entrepreneur, brand creator, and
business enthusiast.

Alex started his career in the music industry
on the performance side playing bass live and
in the studio. Starting at a young age, he
solicited his first label deal (Red Cord
Records) for his high school band (A Candle
Lit City) at the age of sixteen. The band went
on to change their name and rebranded as “Like
Monroe”. Through the many relationships Alex
made, he aligned the band with one of the
largest metal management companies in the
US, Strong Management (Killswitch Engage,
Contortionist, etc). Within six months of
conception the band singed with E-One/Good
Fight, TKO booking, and touring with the
likes of All That Remains, AVATAR, Mushroomed,
and many more. His young band scored festival
dates with Linkin Park, Papa Roach, Anthrax,
Drowning Pool and others.

Alex’s most recent musical endeavors, lead
to signing production deals with John
Feldmann, adding to co-writes with
Travis Barker, 5 Seconds To Summer,
Lil Aaron, lovelytheband, and many more.
From there he was able to align the project
with such heavy hitters as Benji & Joel
Madden (Good Charlotte, MDDN), Lawrence
Vavra of Deckstar (blink-182, Smashing
Pumpkins, Steve Aoki, etc). Alex then
signed the band with John Cohen of BMG/Rise
Records, APA for US and CAA for inter-
national touring. All this lead to a
European tour, multiple full US runs,
and a featured spot on the last Vans
Warped Tour.

SPHINXX decided recently that he preferred the
business side of music and has been managing
some developing bands and consulting with many
artists on the marketing and valuation build
side of the business. SPHINXX opens the lines
of communication between his clients bringing
out the best creativity within them, and then
puts it right in front of their ideal
audience. He’s truly a force to be
reckoned with in all areas of the
entertainment industry and has a
track record of producing the next
up-and-coming artists and developing
successful acts world-wide.

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