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Thursday, June 17, 2021

[Exclusive] DDB Yayo Shows The Reality Of His Lyrics With "Lemme Lone"

DDB Yayo a week ago dropped another video, “Lemme Lone,” which has quietly crept up to 5,000 views. In it, he shows the reality of his lyrics, and you can clearly see he’s from where he says he’s from, and Lil Yayo will up that blick. Two months ago he released his EP “Rising Star”, and it’s a great project with an excellent and comfortable artist expressing his emotions without shame.

His most popular song on Youtube, “How You Claim,” shows the kind of potential he has, and illustrates that he WILL be in the main stream media, it’s just a matter of time. DDB Yayo was brought up in a home studio that his father owned, so he had plenty of time to perfect his craft, and you can hear it from the results.

You can find DDB Yayo dropping clips on tiktok, music videos on youtube, and high quality songs on all streaming outlets.

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